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Метки (ключевые слова)

    Еще не создано и не использовано ни одной метки.
Unified Modeling Language version 2.0

So-called "model-driven" development (MDD) methods, which are based on higher levels of abstraction and greater use of automation compared to traditional methods, have already demonstrated their potential for radical improvements in the quality of software and the productivity of development. Since the role of modeling languages is crucial to the success of MDD, a major revision of the industry-standard Unified Modeling Language (UML) was recently completed. While several important new modeling capabilities were added -- such as the ability to more accurately capture software architectures -- the dominant characteristic of this revision is the heightened precision of the language definition that enables greater levels of automation. This article explains how this was achieved and also describes other highlights of UML 2.0.

Bran Selic (bselic@ca.ibm.com), Distinguished Engineer, IBM
21 Mar 2005

See details on IBM.

Published 22 декабря 2005 г. 14:49 от nagir


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