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The Best Jump Pictures for Your MyPlayer

Автор дискуссии: mmotankcom   Начато: 04-26-2018, Ч:мм   Ответов: 0
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  •  04-26-2018, Ч:мм 3762

    The Best Jump Pictures for Your MyPlayer

    Not all jump shots are user friendly in NBA 2K18 with 2K18 MT. Some don't have a smooth movement to help you correctly judge the proper shot release time. Others make your player jump longer in the atmosphere, making you vulnerable for a block. Fortunately, there are a few jump shots that are pretty easy to use. Before proceeding, it is worth knowing that there's no such thing as a best jump shot animation that can guarantee you a perfect shot launch.

    The simplest jump shot to time will differ from player to player. However, shot animations where the best timing occurs in the peak of a jump elevation are generally the simpler ones to pull away. Additionally, compared to NBA 2K17, landing ideal jump shots in NBA 2K18 can sense harder for some due to the game's briefer shot meter. Fundamentally, NBA 2K18's short shot meter makes it tough to spot the margin of error as well as the best shot launch timing. For this reason, it's better to rely on your shot cartoon instead of the shot meter. First off, Lonzo Ball's jump-shot design is decidedly one of the easiest jump shots to pull off a great launch time.

    There is not much unnecessary flashiness in Lonzo's jump shot animation to confuse you from getting the right timing. One other great leap shot is James Harden's, that has a silky smooth jumping animation. NBA 2K19 MT also lets you personalize your own jump shot once your MyPlayer reaches an overall rating of 75. With the leap shot personalization unlocked, you can accordingly adjust the shooter release speed timing to your own liking. Best of all, you might even combine two leap shot animations to truly create your own distinct signature jumper. Just test the jump shots that are attractive to you and try to tweak it with the jump shot customization.

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