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Classic Duels in PvP Mode

Автор дискуссии: futshop   Начато: 01-02-2018, Ч:мм   Ответов: 0
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  •  01-02-2018, Ч:мм 3738

    Classic Duels in PvP Mode

    Classic Duels in PvP Mode - More In Planning

    The PvP buy mu legend zen fans get their money's worth in MU Legend. From the beginning, you can participate in classic duels, which are available on the various battlefields. There you'll find your friends and find out who has the more powerful builds.

    Duels are too boring? You can also look forward to arena battles, which are more intense. You try to defeat the AI character of another player 10 times in a row. After a victory, you can choose whether you will fight another fight or receive the win streak and pay out the appropriate reward.

    Further PvP mu zen features will be prepared, which will be published in the soon future. There are plans for guild wars with epic battles for territories and 3-vs-3 cooperative fights in which teams compete with each other with three players.

    Until the beginning of the beta will be released more videos to MU Legend, which will give you more insights into the features of the cheap mu zen game. The introductory video for MU Legend is here in the next article.SEE more in [www.playerhot.com] here now...so welcome on!
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