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You start out with four stash tabs into poe game

Автор дискуссии: futshop   Начато: 01-22-2018, Ч:мм   Ответов: 0
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  •  01-22-2018, Ч:мм 3739

    You start out with four stash tabs into poe game

    You start out with four stash tabs but unfortunately none of those will cut it if you’re looking to make a profit in game. In order to sell items on the Trade Board you will have to purchase a Premium Stash Tab from the Microtransaction shop. You can do this by hitting Start and selecting Microtransactions from the menu.

    You will have to spend at least $4.99 if you want to start selling exalted orbs items since there is no option to just purchase what you need for the particular item you are buying.

    Once you do this, a tab will appear in your stash that will be able to be labelled and color-code. Most importantly, you will be able to set prices for the items appearing in this tab which will allow other players to seek out these items and buy them.

    You can price each item individually or set a price that will cover all the items in the tab. The PC version has a pretty set economy in terms of prices for its items so we’ll likely see a similar system coming to the Xbox One version.BY https://www.playerhot.com/games/path-of-exile/Golds here online now... well done, so thanks!
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